Case examples

Here are some examples of products and designs that use artwork images created by Able Art Company artists.

Case example01

Custom made art : With Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota has supported arts program for persons with disabilities with the aim of creating a society where all people can live life in their own way since the 1990s. Each artist created a custom made art based on their favorite sport motif with the message “anyone can enjoy all sports” for the window displays in the Toyota Kaikan Museum where the latest Toyota vehicles and technologies have been exhibited. Toyota has supported the Able Art artists by using their artworks and designs for various occasions and products, that include car-wrapping, stickers for LINE communication app, mural of Toyota City Showcase etc.


KASUGA Kazushi KAWABE Hiroko KIMURA Akie Mascara Contra Mascara OHTA Kosuke SASAKI Hideaki SHIKISHIMA Yoshizumi TAKESHI UEDA Tadashi XL YAGI Hidetomo YAMANO Masashi YAMASAKI Takeshi
Case example02

Image editing : With Tabio Corporation

The artwork images created by Able Art Company artists have been used for socks manufactured by Tabio Corporation, a Japanese sock company. The textile patterns of the socks were created based on an image of the small object drawn in the original art work or enraged part of the original. All artwork images registered in Able Art Company can be modified such asimage trimming, color change etc. Multiple uses of different images can also be possible to create a new design complying with the request of a user. Uses can pursue the wide range of possibility and design to create their favorite one.


MATSUO Yuka UCHINO Takanobu UEMURA Fukushu
Case example03

Products to donate part of each purchase : With Felissimo Corporation

In the UNICOLART (Unique Color Art) project founded by Felissimo Corporation, mail-order company dealing with life-style products, the images created by the artists with disabilities have been used as textile designs of various products such as cloths, accessories, bags, stationery, and smartphone cases. When customers purchase the UNICOLART products, part of their purchase will be donated to nonprofits which support art activities by artists with disabilities in the UUNICOLART Grant. The donation has been used for maintaining environment for artists’ creation, fostering next generation artists, and supporting nonprofits that tackle with significant social issues.


KOHAYAKAWA Kiriko mai MIYAMOTO Kenshiro Momoca SOMI tomoko URUSHIMA Tomoko